James Baldwin Reflection

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Reflection Essay Assessment of Essay Written in Junior Year
For Major Portfolio
For my junior essay assessment I am choosing an essay I wrote while on Domestic Exchange at Stanford for two quarters. This paper was written for a final, analyzing three of James Baldwin’s short essays. My writing changed significantly after my English 285 course with Dr. Michelle Hite. She was not concerned about the structure of my paper so much as my ability to communicate my stance, not the stance of others. She told me, “You know how to structure an argument based on what other people think, but what do you think? What are you adding to the conversation?” These questions rocked me. Before her class, I downplayed my own personal viewpoint and would write
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While writing that essay I was really challenged with expressing my thought and interests. Articulating what interested me was something that I struggled with. It was easier to regurgitate and elaborate in the ideas that I had heard in class, writing and fleshing out my own ideas were difficult. My essay on James Baldwin was one of the hardest essay I have ever written. It was challenging because I was forced to flesh out my own ideas, it was difficult to communicate an argument that analyzes the use of language, while making an argument about how the author demonstrates how to uses that language. It was basically and argument about language and the use of language. Even discussing my argument to family and friends was difficult. Although, I still believe that this essay needs to be fleshed out a little bit more, I am proud of the fact that I was writing about something that truly challenged me, instead of writing an essay that would be easy to support and even easier to complete. This essay was a complex idea to communicate, but it was an idea that I was

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