Personal Narrative: My Experience In Medical Training

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Narrator: As I’m in bed sleeping, around midnight, I wake up hearing a voice, a deep, raspy voice. It takes me to the top of a mountain, where I encounter a man with a clown costume. It never said its name, but it told me that the world would end in 13 days, right at midnight. I went back home in the morning to firetrucks and ambulances surrounding my house. I see my friend, Melissa, standing beside a tree crying. I went up to her to ask her what had happened. In great relief she hugged me and said that A airplane engine had fallen on my house on the side of my room. After that my parents and brother were relieved that I was not dead. The aviation administration did not know where the airplane engine came from.

The week after the incident, I went back to school, but on my way to school, I almost ran over an old lady. I got out of my car to say sorry and help her cross the street, but then she whispered in my ear, her voice so rough but soft and quiet. As I got to school, I heard a voice again, similar to the clown’s voice, it said “hurry up.” I was confused what it meant by that so I just went with my day. In the afternoon, I went to my therapy session, but as the session was going, I saw the clown, standing right beside the doctor. It told me to go to school and break every window, take down all the doors, and break the water pipes. I went that night, I broke all the windows, I took down every door, and I
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I was in shock when i heard that, i didn’t know who could do so much damage to the school. Melissa called me to ask if i wanted to hang out with her, i agreed. That night i went with melissa to a bar. We danced and had fun, she offered me an alcoholic drink but i denied the offer. She got drunk so i had to take her to her house. On my way back to my house, I saw the old lady standing in the middle of the road again. When I got off, to help the old lady, she wasn’t

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