How They Variable Affect Behavior Essay

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examine how they variable affect behavior. This particular theory focuses on ego-involvement, which is a purely psychological variable (Sereno, 2014). As described in the previous section, ego-involvement measures how strongly one feels about a topic. Naturally, a variable of this nature can be difficult to quantify due to its intangibility; proving the existence of psychological variables requires an entirely separate testing process (Sereno, 2014). The psychological perspective is the only perspective that calculates internal variables such as ego-involvement in analysis, unlike the mechanistic or systems perspective. However, it is important to note that the effects of external variables such as message, source, and channel cannot be examined simultaneously; it focuses solely on the psychological factors (Sereno, 2014).
Evaluating a theory differs from description or application because it follows a strict set of criterion that should be, in theory, standardized across all theories under scrutiny. Ideally, the same criteria would be used in evaluation regardless of the theory. The standardization of criteria allows for different communication theories to be compared, even if their topical foci are drastically dissimilar. To determine the quality of SJT as a communication theory, it will be analyzed based on two separate criterion: practicality and succinctness.
Practicality is incredibly straightforward, discerning whether or not a theory has any valuable,…

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