Essay about How The Truth Will Set You Free

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How the Truth Will Set You Free: If You Dare to Read
First, let me introduce the author; Mr. Rodney Stark, a Social Science Professor at Baylor University, being well versed in the telling of the history of Western Civilization He has also written other books on the subject matter, as well. Mr. Stark the Author of : How the West Won; The Neglected Story of Triumph of Modernity and has a commitment to truth, with a willingness to go out on a limb for truthful historical data that others may considered it “barbaric” in today’s society, but in fact, he has written of the true history. This is a fantastic truth-telling book, from a historical point of view. One of his basic concepts is that: Western Civilization did shape the rest of the world. Uniquely planning the books outline through the early times of Mesopotamia, the Greek culture, the Roman Empire and to modern eras, including religion, wars, inventions, and slaves of different backgrounds that are parallel to mold the world we live in today. Moreover, how the ancient Greek culture survived through to modern times in a providential way. I appreciate the way he expounds on how the empires rose and fell and the how the aftermath became recycled from the fall. Furthermore, on a broader scale, how Christianity fits in history, and its major role in the world as well as the science and politics.
The introduction to the book is a must-read, prior to jumping into the main course. The book is like an old well pump; once you…

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