Racism Remains: The Confederate Flag

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Racism Remains: The Confederate Flag
In “How the South Lost the War, but Won the Narrative,” the author argues different focuses in which he clarifies how the ideas and thought of those of the south were changed from the fundamental cause of concern in regards to the Confederacy. Horwitz uses strong logical appeals when he discusses the Confederate flag´s status in the South. He includes many illustrations that note the absence of information from many people, who do not know so much about the Civil War, its purpose, or the Confederacy. The greater part of Horwitz argument is that his article is about the significance of the confederate banner to an entire region in The United States, whose thoughts are factually incorrect about the genuine
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In addition, the author says that “the rebel flag served only as a battle standard in the Civil War,” and an image which is to respect the sacrifice of the southern guys of the military (Horwitz, 2000). In fact, Horwitz gives proof that recommends and backs up the fact that the closeness of the revolutionary banner did not generally mean scorn. However, some events happened in 1940, when the meaning of the flag changed drastically, “Not until the 1940s did it frequently serve as a baldly racist banner, brandished by segregationist Dixiecrats and by the Klan and other groups during the Civil Rights era. It was also at this time that the flag appeared atop Southern statehouses,” explains Horwitz (Horwitz, 2000). The author says that some people nationwide, who love the Confederacy have had a deeper problem which remains actually in The United States because they do not know what happened in the Civil War, (Horwitz, 2000). “More often than not, when I talk to people about the conflict, I hear that it was about abstract principles like “state sovereignty” and “the Southern way of life,” the author claims, (Horwitz,

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