Confederates In The Attic Analysis

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The Civil War or “War between the states” (page 26) is a historical American event like no other that has been over for nearly 150 years. Most Americans are under the notion the Civil War is over and done with where, other Americans believe the war is still being fought today. In Tony Horwitz’s book “Confederates in the Attic” he explores the impact the American Civil War has on the modern day south, and just why southerners in particular still care so much about the Civil War? After reading “Confederates in the Attic” I believe there are a three main reasons the south still cares about the Civil War so much. They are defending southern pride and heritage, a way of defying against the federalist north, and an escape from ones everyday life.

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All of the people Tony meets are just everyday people like you and I. Just like every other people they find hobbies to escape everyday life for a bit. Their hobby just so happens to be the civil war. People like Mike Hawkins, an African American textile factory worker whose great-great-grandfather served in the confederacy. Tony meets Mike while in his adventure in through the south. Tony and Mike discuss their shared obsession over the civil war. While looking at one of Mike’s old civil war book he exclaims “When I’m reading, I feel like I’m there, not here. And when I finish I feel content, like I’ve been away for a while” (Page 30). Others like Chris Daley, a Hard core reactor who also finds refuge from reality in his obsession of the civil war. “I work as a paralegal on long island,” (Page 16) he said. “I think there’s a lot of people like me who want to go to a simpler time.” (Page 16). I believe there are a lot of people just like Mike and Chris who obsess about the civil war to lose themselves from reality and immerse themselves in a great

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