How The Road Would Be With No Drunk Drivers? Essay

1007 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever thought about how safer the road would be with no drunk drivers? Alcohol-related to crashes that lead to many Americans death from the age 16 to 24. The use of alcohol has a high risk of having problems, for example becoming addicted to alcohol, ending someone’s life including yours, and also ending in a terrible place. Drinking and Driving is dangerous, because not only does it cost your life, but also the lives of innocent people. Becoming an addicted to alcohol, makes you unconscious of your actions. No thought is put into what’s next or the next step your about to take with conscious. ”No, I swear really I’m fine, give me the keys” those types of actions leave you thinking everything will be okay. Your actions are the ones that count, not being in all your senses makes you not think. Have you thought about how smart are you?
Have you thought about you’re doing at that moment? “It 's reduced, smart people don’t get in a car drinking and driving.” Think about how alcohol makes you look? Knowing you intoxicated is an addiction.
Not knowing how terrible you look while being under the influence of alcohol is an impact that you leave for other to look at you in a different way. “Drinking isn’t cool! It makes you act like a fool.” For example the things you do and say, just satisfy you for a short amount of time thing twice before you make yourself look lower than what you thought you did. Spilling out your feelings? That’s great not…

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