How The Research Project Embodied The Qualities And Goals Of Action Research

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How the research project embodied the qualities and goals of action Research In their research project “Learning Classroom Management Through Web-Based Case Instruction: Implications for Early Childhood Teacher Education”, Lee and Choi embodied most of the qualities of action research. Unlike other types of research studies, the major goal of a research study is to improve teacher’s teaching practice and promote the learning outcomes as well as the behavior of students in a classroom environment. This research project embodied this goal because it sought to improve teaching and learning experience by designing an educational method and tool that prospective teachers would use to expound on their concept of classroom management beyond the specified techniques. Although the research project incorporated other qualities of action research such as authoritative, collaborative and persuasive, the main quality embodied in the research was the participative quality. The research involved several prospective teachers who contributed more than 23 essays, which helped the research team in collecting and analyzing data that was relevant to classroom management. Moreover, the research project was consistent with the qualities and cycles of action research because it involved the researchers identifying the problem, devising a research and implementing the plan in order to investigate on the techniques of improving classroom management and curriculum development. Additionally, action…

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