Technology-Related Training Case Study

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1. What technology-related training/professional development do you receive from your school and/or the school district? Explain at least three different Professional Activities, what was taught, was it effective for future use?

This year we had professional development into a new program called Mastery Connect. We had a one day training in the computer lab of our school. The air conditioning was not working so we had to try to learn this program in a 90 degree building. Although, the program looked exciting, no one was able to pay attention. We were trained in two hours on a program that I am sure should take days. The program allows teachers to find quizzes or assignments from other teachers and use them in their classrooms. Teachers are
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Compass is a learning program that teachers can modify and adapt to student’s needs. Teachers can go into the program and assign assessments or activities based on the Florida standards. Students are tested and then either a learning path is created for them or an enrichment program. Students may not go on until the one standard is mastered. Compass incorporated training throughout the year. The first visit was a basic, just to get teachers introduced and excited about the program. Teachers were not able to bring it back into the classroom, until the next training. At first, I thought this seemed silly, but then I realized by the time we get back into the classroom we have forgot almost everything that was discussed and the program is then used wrong. We were given a password that allowed teachers to play with a fake class. The following month, another trainer came and showed us how to set up a class and begin teaching the students. For the rest of the year, every month we had a Compass training. The program was used by 100% of the students and the reports teachers were able to use from the information were valuable. This program was designed by a teacher who had sat through many trainings that went nowhere. All schools throughout Lee County know use Compass …show more content…
We are told what we will be using in the classrooms, even if we do not feel it benefits anyone. Then teachers are barely trained and expected to incorporate it into lesson plans. During this year’s final evaluation many teachers were given needs improvement and effective in the technology department. Many felt this was unfair since they were not trained on the technology they were supposed to be using. Most teachers only experience traditional, workshop-based professional development, even though research shows it is ineffective. Over 90 percent of teachers participate in workshop-style training sessions during a school year. Short, one-shot workshops often don’t change teacher practice and have no effect on student achievement (Gulamhussein,

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