The Importance Of Teacher Education

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Part B
Teacher education has undergone a dramatic change and this reconceptualization of teacher education emphasise the importance of building a culture of inquiry, critical reflection, ground-breaking approaches, and research in a diverse, multicultural environment (Khan, 2002). The general focus of a teacher education program is therefore to nurture multiculturalism and diversity to learn from, and share experience with other cultures and institutions and prepare prospective teachers to become good teachers (Knowles, Cole, & Presswood, 2008). However, with current dissatisfaction with schools and teacher educations, it is important to understand how teachers are prepared for their work as teachers through teacher education (Darling-Hammond, 2000).
Learning to teach is problematic and involves continuously conflicting and competing demands (Britzman, 2003) for example, listening to students and keep control over the classroom (Korthagen, Loughran, & Russell, 2006). Assisting the learner teacher to identify and
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Through this process the learner teacher learns the importance of creating a learning environment that elicit self-directed theory building in students by focussing on the students and building a relationship with the students through the process of learning (Connell, 2009; Shann, 1987).
Importantly, according to Hollins (2011) the learner teacher needs to build a mental picture of each student regarding their background, experiences, perceptions and their values, perceiving them within their social cultural context. Shann (1987) reported that collaboration between teachers, parents and the greater school community assist in the facilitation of learning for students. Therefore, teaching is not an individual practice, it’s a collaboration between various parties (Connell,

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