How The Fight Will End Essays

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If you have a sibling, chances are you’ve had a disagreement as well. These disagreements are usually solved in three ways, verbally, physically, and/or by a parent/family member/adult. Fights can spout from simply taking another toy, calling names, or other childish antagonizations. Of course fights can also bring about a good effect sometimes (usually only through verbal fights though). During the course of a fight between siblings, many things can end up determining how the fight will end, and the extent of the fight, and the nature of the conflict. Times at a relative 's house are when my sister and I were most likely to pick a fight, especially at our grandparents house in Chicago Heights when we would spend a week with them during the summer. It was a hot July day, and my cousin Dominic (who is one year old than me, we were 6 and 7 at the time) and I were outside on the swing set. My sister came out and said, “Hunter, get off the swing. You’ve already had a turn.” Me being the six year old kid I was (she was 8), didn 't really like her idea very much. So I continued merrily swinging away, when all of a sudden I was brought to a sudden stop by my sister. She then screamed, “HUNTER, YOU 'VE ALREADY HAD YOUR TURN IT 'S MINE NOW!” In a sudden flash, she went to push me off the swing. But, me being the sly fox I am dodged her blow and countered with a shove of my own that landed. In my mind I thought to myself I showed her. But, from what happened then on I…

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