How The Federal Government 's Role Changed Relationship With African Americans

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How has the federal government’s role changed in relationship to the African American experience from 1865 to 1941? The American government relationship with African American has drastically changed over a 76-year span. African Americans have never really known what and who they can trust or even depend on. The American government after the civil war was a bit sketchy on how they were going to deal with African Americans’ because they were partially free but after a lifetime of slavery, they had no idea what to do with their freedom. They grew up in one world and that world never prepared them to finally be free from the chains of slavery. In fact, slavery was not the worst thing they had coming. The real danger of being an African American was being a free African American in a white dominated world where being black segregated you from what the world had to offer. The new emancipation proclamation of 1863 would turn out to be just the start of what would become America’s biggest failure as a free and equal country.
Andrew Johnson took office after the assassination of Lincoln and he would continue to Lincoln’s lenient policy for the confederate soldier. However, Johnson did not show any interest in protecting the civil rights of the freed people. This really angered the radical republicans in congress which would lead to a battle in politics with congress and the acting president. In December of 1865, Johnson would start to plan to reinstate…

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