Essay How The Dust Settles And The Crisis Passes?

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Speaking candidly during a press conference or interview, during or after a crisis, can get you in “hot water” before you can even realize it. However, doesn’t your ability to speak candidly determine how the public will not only judge you, and your organization, but you will be reviewed when the dust settles and the crisis passes?
A) What tools and techniques, that we discussed in class and from your reading, can be utilized by the spokesman to demonstrate full transparency and disclosure yet avoid over-talking and giving excessive details?
The first technique that speaker can make use of to make sure that they enhance transparency in their speech is lobbying. Lobbying is a process that is mainly concerned with influencing. In this case, the speaker can make sure that they organize their data and facts in such a manner that seeks at drawing in the audience. The information presented should be made reliable and also well-organized so as to make sure that the audience to draw the attention of the audience to the positivity of the information making it seems comprehensive (Fink, 2013). Lobbying also acts as a push for the spokesmen to full disclosure to avoid the risk of being caught on the wrong side.
The spokesman also makes sure that they also present data and information in the speech that is highly factual and from very reliable sources. Factual data and statistics help to demonstrate high levels of research and also having full knowledge about a topic. Facts and…

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