How The Body And How It Travels Through Different Mediums Essay

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The photo is a picture of a rainbow although only a fraction of the rainbow is visible on the left hand side. The picture was taken on the third floor of Kennedy Apartments on a cloudy day after it has just rained. The picture also shows water droplets rolling down the window and in this paper I will be talking about how these water droplets are crucial to the formation of the rainbow. Rainbows are very beautiful and the process on how it’s created is very intriguing. In this paper I will be talking about the properties of light and how it travels through different mediums. The interaction of light with water droplets from the rain is the key element to the formation of the beautiful rainbow that we see.
The human eyes are very specific and are only capable of perceiving a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This region of the electromagnetic spectrum is named visible light and it consists of wavelengths of 400 to 700 nanometers. Within these ranges of wavelengths are visible colors. The human eyes interpret these wavelengths as different colors with the shortest wavelength being violet and the longest wavelength being red. White light is the mixture of all these colors and black light is the absence of these wavelengths. Light has the properties of a waves so it has energy, velocity, and frequency. The energy of light is proportional with its frequency having the equation E=hf with h being Plank’s constant 6.625 x 10-27 m^2kg/s. The speed of light is also…

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