How The American Political System Knowledge Is Power, And Who Have The Better Understanding The Economics

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Team Work Better
I believe, it’s important citizen to understand how the American political system Knowledge is power, and who have the better understanding the economics has a better chance to earn higher income. Thus, it 's important to understand the government system; see where it came from and how it has changed over the decade. In my opinion, political mean make teamwork and I’ve learned the each amendments works in our everyday lives.The role in the political understand how public opinion can be used within the political process. Becoming good citizens in our country people need develop the attitudes, values, beliefs, opinions, and behaviors. Socialization is huge and it is take a long time for young people gains an understanding of the political world.
I have to admited, I was very worried at the beginning of class because our class was very big and afraid that I will not to learn anything. However, you have done marvelous job on this class, and I was amazed of all the things you taught this quarter. You not teach us the program in has build different layer in our brain. For instance, first research pager, Service Learning Project ( SLP), Policy Paper, and advocacy project presentation. Have been said, I don 't know about other students, but at least you have influenced me. For example, I will start to register to vote. I’ve learned that old people is very power in United States. Nowadays, young adult don 't participation to vote, which that why we are the 99%. I…

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