How Telecom Operators Can Improve Their Customer Acquisition Essay

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How Telecom Providers Can Improve Their Customer Acquisition ...
Acquiring customers is critical to the financial success of your business. Many companies take the decision to land-grab customers in order to secure new business, however a more sustainable approach is to strategically determine what type of customer best suits your business needs. This more strategic approach will guarantee you are able to engage high quality, profitable customers.
Make products Available, Accessible and Affordable.
Venture into Rural Areas
Agreed to all of this one of most basic to all these is relationship marketing we need to embark upon in order to encash upon the situation.
For any business to succeed, it is necessary to make Available simple
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Innovation is the secret of their success. They believe a simple idea can transform lives. They dream big and are passionate about their goals. . . Meet the young, ambitious, intelligent and enterprising architects of India. Here's a special series on India's best innovators and entrepreneurs, winners of the latest Nasscom Innovation Award 2008.
The Sloka Telecom story
"Technology doesn't always have to be fantastic. It can be very basic, solving some basic problems that we continue to face. We will keep solving them," points out Sujai Karampuri, founder and CEO of Sloka Telecom, a radio access network solution provider.
Founded in 2004, the Bangalore-based Sloka Telecom develops one of the most compact and cost-effective base stations for the telecom sector. After over 14 years of work experience, Sujai set out to solve real problems in India's telecom space with advanced, cost-effective solutions for broadband wireless, voice, and video applications, for rural and urban markets. There was an opportunity in the base station market where the future was for smaller and cheaper base stations that can save substantial savings to operators so that they can carpet blanket the network with many base stations to give excellent coverage and connectivity. He believes that the only way forward is to encourage more small firms to come up. "India needs to decrease the barrier-to-entry for startups,

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