Essay about How Technology Has Changed The World

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Jobs was inspired from when he went to Xerox research center, where all the things listed in the last sentence were being used. The thing he did was put all of the things into one computer. Of course Jobs added his own touches while putting it together. Before this computer, typography on the screen wasn’t used. Job made sure that the Macintosh showed text on the screen. Before this, it was drawn on the computer like a typewriter. He even had an option of having different fonts. The reason he did this was because while he was in college he got bored with the font types offered. He took a class on calligraphy to help him figure out what fonts he liked. Although Steve didn’t invent the mouse, it was something he was obsessed with the whole time while being at apple. Yet again, he discovered this mouse that was used on the Macintosh while visiting Xerox. The only thing different between the one he used and the one from Xerox was that it was much simpler (Gidley). The way this computer was presented will never be forgotten. A Superbowl commercial changed it all. The ad was directed by Alein auteur Ridley Scott. After 20 years the commercial is still being remembered as a “pop icon in its own right”. Today it is still used by Obamas supporters who are into technology. The message behind the commercial was “Conformity is not good, Non-conformity rules, Apple is a brand for non-conformist”. This message has stayed through all of Apples products (“The Apple Revolution: 10 Key…

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