How Technology Has Changed The Way People Live Their Lives Essay

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Ethnographic Method

Throughout the modern world, technology companies are shaping the way people live their lives. One of those companies is Microsoft. Back then, Paul Allen and Bill Gates created a partnership called Microsoft in 1975. Paul Allen and Bill Gates’ vision in 1975 was that a computer should be placed on every desktop and in every home. Their vision has changed into a mission. Their mission now is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Now, Microsoft is the leading platform and Productivity Company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

Some of my classmates and I formed a research group. My research group was allowed to observe the offices of Microsoft. My research group visited Microsoft’s offices located at 11 Time Square. We visited Microsoft’s offices on March 16, April 4, and April 20 of 2016. The first two visits were to observe the patterns of the workers in their environment. The third visit, I conducted an interview between me a worker at Microsoft. During all my visits, I collected research data by taking notes. My last visit, I interviewed a worker with the job of a community manager. I was observing my mentor and his name is Antuan Santana.

“A Day in the life”

On all my visits, I saw Antuan Santana. On the third visit, I interviewed Antuan 's Santana. Antuan is a community manager and he works down in Times Square at Microsoft. He works every workday and is dedicated to his work. Here is a day in his…

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