Essay on How Technology Has Changed Society

830 Words Oct 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
I always wake up first thing in the morning excited to see who had texted me the night before or what people were up to on social media. But, I never realized until now how often I am on my phone rather than interacting with my friends and family in person. Have you ever thought about what life would be like without all this technology that we consider an enormous part of our lives? In today’s world, technology has become very popular among a majority of the population. From the old generation to the new, digital technology has become the number one source for communication. Within a matter of a few seconds, we are able to text our friend or tweet about something, giving hundreds of people the option to read about our topics of interest. Online and digital technologies are a great way for people to communicate easily and have people relate through social media, but technology has changed society and the people in it to a whole new level, and not necessarily in the best way. Online and digital technologies have taken away our ability to communicate spontaneously by letting us take advantage of technology and using it against communication.
To begin with, digital and online technology has caused the newer generation to lose the ability to communicate spontaneously and even lack interest in the happenings around them. We are so accommodated to staring at our phones for long periods at a time, we do the same even when with another person. To be more specific, I’ll always see…

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