How Technology Has Changed Our Society Essay example

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Technology in our society is advancing at a rapid rate. As science improves and more breakthroughs are occurring, smart devices like cell phones are progressing in ways which people never thought could be possible. Cell phones are miraculous inventions that if used properly can be quite helpful on a daily basis. However, has their prominence in our daily life gotten to the point that they are now problematic in American society? Ask almost any teenager and their answer would likely be no. However, if one were to take a look at the people throughout America, they would likely see that teenagers are in fact the ones who show just how detrimental technology has become. No matter where I go, I feel as though I am observing a massive herd of sheep, conforming as they obsessively stare at their cell phones. Social media and other applications on cellular devices are distracting people from the real world surrounding them. I will argue that technology has become problematic for my generation, and that it would be highly constructive for teens to start to use their phones in more beneficial ways.
According to Dominique Janicaud’s book, A Beginner 's Guide to Philosophy, staring at things with constant advertisements and subliminal messaging can be incredibly detrimental. In his words, “advertising works on a rudimentary but large scale level in a way that is… designed to manipulate our consciousness and our unconsciousness.(66)” It is unquestionably concerning when people base…

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