How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1025 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
Relationships and technology have become intertwined. With the age of computers, new situations have arisen. When my father was in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he video chatted my family and I on a routine basis. Although we did not physically see each other for months on end, we managed to remain close. Technology has reshaped ways we communicate, given new opportunities, made dating easier, as well as created a sense of dissatisfaction in relationships. A hundred years ago, the telephone was impractical. Today, we can not leave our houses without having the assurance it provides in our pocket. Matt Petronzio, editor of Mashable, and an individual who addressed the United Nations declared, “58% of Americans today own smartphones (Petronzio).” With nearly six out of every ten people owning smartphones, a majority of Americans are united in their primary form of communication. This majority relates to other members in a similar way. Today’s telephone has shrunk from its prior size, become faster, increased efficiency, and increased exponentially the tasks it can do. The Pew Research center, a renowned group who seeks information, found in the new fields of communication that couples, Talking on the phone – 87% have spent time talking on the phone with their significant other. Being together in person – 86% have spent time together in person, outside of school hours. Social media – 70% have spent time together posting on social media sites. Instant or online…

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