How Technology Has Changed Education Essay

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Classroom Technology
Technology is changing various sectors of human living and education is no exception (Mandinach & Cline, 2013). The impact that technology is having can be seen through the existence of educational resources such as online libraries and databases that contain learning resources. Technology has changed education and learning processes from elementary classrooms to lecture halls in colleges and universities worldwide (Mandinach & Cline, 2013). For instance, games are being used to teach children in ways that have never been seen before. Smartphone applications are available on various operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS to help children not just have access to entertainment but also learning material (Mandinach & Cline, 2013). Over the years, there have been debates on the use of technology in classrooms and the best ways in which teachers can adopt technology to enhance learning for their students. Additionally, technology has led to the invention of ways through which students with disability can learn better than they used to (Tyner, 2014). With simulations and puzzles, more can be achieved in a short time than in traditional learning environments. Teachers can benefit too as they get access to modern teaching tools and methods of evaluation that they can use to monitor student progress in their classes. There is more for everyone; teachers and students alike, both young and old. To better understand this trend in technology…

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