Essay on How Technology Changes Our Lives

2330 Words Nov 13th, 2016 10 Pages
Technology changes everybody 's lives. There are so many ways that it changes each person 's life and there are good and bad reasons for each one. Since kids are now just as caught up as the adults, or farther than adults in the technology world, it is changing fast. Although technology has many glitches and downfalls, it helps our world stay connected and the benefits far outweigh the issues with technology. Social media has so many positive aspects such as keeping the world connected. A lot of teenagers will agree with me that anyone born after 1999 is more comfortable with technology than adults. Technology has many benefits. Kaplan and Haenlein state that, "The term social media encompasses Internet-based applications that help consumers share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives" (qtd in Richter 448). "There are many different types of social media apps that hospitals could use for their benefit, and they use all or most of them" (Richter 451). Social media opens up many opportunities to share ideas and procedures to other hospitals and doctors. Technology that isn 't social media have also helped the medical world in many different ways. It makes it easier to tell what kind of disease someone has, it can make surgery go faster and more efficiently, and many more different ways. Not only have hospitals started using technology a lot, but schools have too. "For example, students in a mathematics class can transmit their solutions through their individual…

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