How Sugar Is The Food Of The Foods That They Are Eating Essay

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Sugar is something that all humans are familiar with. When we are born it is the only thing that we can taste. I feel that those who attend the Culinary Institute of America are even more familiar with sugar, which is a part of the problem, especially while one is working on their associate’s degree. Being exposed to and consuming so many different types of foods it is very easy for students to forget how much sugar is in the foods that they are eating. I think that considering the school encourages its students to have a healthy lifestyle, they should take a more proactive position on how many sugary products are made available to the student body. All this sugar and I haven’t even gotten to the beverage side of the world’s premier culinary college. In my opinion, the school does not offer enough beverage options that are made without added sugar. It doesn’t help that the areas with the most foot traffic have the most access to beverages made with added sugars in the form of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. For example, the drink fountains in Farquharson hall contain mostly drinks that are high in added sugar like pink lemonade, fruit punch, and from concentrate juices and juice blends. Furthermore the vending machines in dormitory buildings and around Roth hall are full of sodas as well as sports drinks, and energy drinks that are high in added sugar with few substitutes that do not contain added sugar. Even the campus book store which is one of the first things…

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