How Sports Can Negatively Affect Humans Essay

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How Sports Can Positively Affect Humans
Sports are often looked at as they can only help you physically. That is true, however, they can also help you in many other ways. Physical activity with other people is one of the best ways to help learn who you are as a person and help you learn what you can do with your skills. Sports also affect your health, life skills, and your career all in positive ways, thus helping guide you in a healthy and friendly life style.
“According to health experts, participation in sports improves physical fitness in children” (Judson 18). Yes, sports can help children get physically healthy and fit, but sports are not just for children. “Self-esteem is developed through evaluating our abilities and by evaluating the responses of others directed to us. Children, especially, actively observe parents’ and coaches’ responses to their performances, looking for approval or disapproval of their behavior” (Egendorf 19). Even though most adults and teens do not like to play sports, the do not understand that sports can build your self-esteem. By playing sports, you are naturally around people with the same interest as you. Being around people with the same love for the sport helps you if you are shy. Teammates give you constructive criticism only to help build you up, not to break you down. Learning to take criticism helps you to be able to communicate. Talking out loud and sharing your ideas can help anybody with almost anything when it comes to talking…

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