How Sports Can Make Joining A Sports Team One Of Their Priority

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Every student in America must make joining a sports team one of their priority. Sports can make a students grades higher and make them a better person overall. Athletes have better grades and athletes have lower dropout rates than non-athletes. Being an athlete takes a lot of hard work and adding school to that does not make it easier than it is. The 3 p’s is always implemented when playing sports. Patience is one of the most important thing to have in the world today. If you are not patient you might also quit on everything and will not build a healthy relationship with peers. Practice is also one of the 3 p’s. Without a doubt that an athlete needs practice to better their talent. Even an athlete that wasn’t born a great athlete can make up for it by practice. This can also be bring as a habit for your school work. For example if you are not very good at math you can be better by studying and practicing your lessons. And the third is persistence. Athletes are thought to never give up even when things get tough. One of the problem with students in America is they give up easy when they struggle. And there is a high chance that playing a competitive sport can help you adjust and not give up as easy. Discipline is also one of the problems with students in America. Kids give little to no respect to their teacher. And because of this there is a high chance they don’t do their work at all. In sports athletes must have 100% discipline. They could get use to this and develop it…

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