How Society Has Created Specific Norms Of Men And Women Essay

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It is sad to see how society has created specific norms that men and women are supposed to follow. According to society, in order for a woman to be accepted and valued she must follow what she is told to do. Every woman is pressured by society to follow certain rules in order to not be discriminated by others. Women follow rules in order to fit into society and to make other people happy, even though they may not agree with what they are told to do. For instance, I have noticed that every time I go out to parties or nightclubs, I always expect men to invite me for a drink or to dance. I always expect men to ask me out to dance or for a drink because I learned from a young age that a young lady never initiates any of those things. Women are not allowed to invite men for a drink or to dance because that would look unlady-like. Therefore, I decided to break the rules and do something out of the ordinary. I decided that this time instead of waiting for a guy to invite me to dance or for a drink I was going to do it.
On October 31, 2015 my friends and I decided to go to a family wedding. As soon as we arrived to the wedding guys started to ask us out to dance, but I refused to dance with them because this time I wanted to be able choose my dance partner. I wanted to be able to have power by being able to tell guys that I did not want to dance with them. I wanted to make my own decision and be able to look for a guy that would catch my attention and that I liked. No guys caught…

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