How Social Networking Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1540 Words Jul 11th, 2016 null Page
Did you know that Facebook has reached its 12th anniversary this year? Facebook was once a website for Harvard students and now has become an internet phenomenon that has changed how we interact (Bowles, 2013). Social networking makes it simple to stay connected with people’s lives, we can invite others into our social and business networks, we can create a community of friends, furthermore, it has improved how we use the library. We place our own “stamp on the world with blogging, tweeting, and social networking” (Bowles, 2013, Chapter 7, “Social Networks”, para. 1), and with new networks popping up every year, it can be difficult to keep up and navigate through them, but each offers a different benefit to fit each individual’s needs.
Social networking makes it simple to stay connected with people 's lives. According to Bowles (2013), the internet used to be solely a place to research and gain information, but now we can connect and stay connected through sharing pictures, videos, and ideas while building relationships. We can also build business connections from professional contacts and LinkedIn is a network that allows users to post their resumes and professional achievements. This tool makes it easier and quicker to contact jobs or careers that interest us. We can use Facebook for business as well and it gives us an “infinite number of pages” (Bowles, 2013, para. 2) so that everyone in the world can read what’s on our minds. Features like instant messenger, the “like…

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