Essay about How Social Identity Is Influenced By Our Social Environment

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Everyone identifies differently, and how we identify is primarily influenced by our social environment. We all belong to 1 or more social groups, which help reinforce our identity. I believe that we choose our social groups, and with age, we will come to find ourselves identifying with many different groups. It is very important to understand that some groups will have greater influence than others. As much as I believe that our identities are the result of our group choices, I also think that society imposes what groups we are categorized in, based on race, class and gender. Ultimately, our social identity is related to the similarities we hold with other people and our relationship to them. So, it is important to be apart of a group, because it allows us to create meaning in the world. I identify with several groups, and each group holds a different meaning to my overall personal identification. The groups I will mention are in no particular order, the main understanding is that fundamentally each group reflects me as an individual. Firstly, I identify with family, which includes parents, siblings and my extended family. Secondly, I would like to include my personal social groups that relate to my passions, which include; vocal ensemble and spiritual group. Finally, my cultural social group, which include my Identify with the Latino community. I have come to identify with my particular groups over the years of my life. I believe, who I am today is the result of the…

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