How Physical Enviroment Can Influence Intellectual Developemnt

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Throughout History, many have , the idea of “development”. And have come to the conclusion that there isn 't one factor that can predict why in the end we turn out the way we do. All that can be proven is that the adolescent years within someone 's and their environment life play a very important role in the development of someone mentally, physically and emotionally. The concept of nature, our biological makeup or nurture, the environment we are placed in affecting our development has become one of the most prominent conclusions when concerning development. Three factors of how physical enviroment can influence intellectual developemnt are stress, social interaction and abuse.

Stress is seen by many as a thing of endeerment in the sens that stress seems healthy and is neccessary to keep us grounded. But infact when itpertains to the development of a child there can be many negative and positive affects. When the body recogninzes a situaiton as stressful the body responds to these signals by sending chemical reactions to the brain that manipulate many other functions within the body. Within children who are consatnly going through that cycle of change, stress is seen as that thing that stunts their development. High levels of stress have been linked to behavioral and emitonal problems. On the other hand stress can be positive in small doses. As a child devlops and learns how to cope with the challeneges this is healthy amount of stress to aid in the uccesful…

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