How Organizational Culture Can Influence Success And Failure Of An Organization

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Nowadays, people are keen on working together to accomplish goals so that groups develop into organisations. Since goals become more specific, and work will be more functional, then organisations become not only more explicit, but also more regulated. Organisations tend to control their own work and widely held beliefs, values, and practices develop, which make one organisation different from another and also influence the organisation 's success or failure. Furthermore, the concept of culture is the environment and practices that organisations develop around their approaching of people. Therefore, in recent years, there is a rising trend in managerial thinking which encourage managers to try to create strong organisational cultures. In addition, it is particularly important for managers to pay attention to culture when reacting to or planning major organisational change. This essay will discuss about not only how organisational culture can influence success and failure of an organisation, but also about what managers can do to create an encouraging and effective culture at workplace.
Firstly, an organisational culture is defined as the shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that guide its members what is correct and incorrect actions (New Charter University, n.d.). Organisational culture is often shaped by the founders ' assessments, the industry and business condition, the national culture, and the older leaders ' vision and behaviour (Gilsdorf, n.d.). Strong…

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