Essay on How Much Do You Trust Your Parents? Your Siblings?

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How much do you trust your parents? Your siblings? The people around you? How far would you follow them, no matter what happens? These are questions asked by Jeannette Walls thousands of times in her upraising, as she struggles with her life in extreme poverty, raised by an unpredictable, alcoholic father and a fickle, temperamental mother, always moving around. However, as time goes on and she becomes older and older, her innocence is quickly stripped away from her by the harsh life she was born into, and her hopes and attitudes change dramatically. As she questions her fate with her parents, as their prosperity falls even further, and as she finally understand the dark elements of her life previously unseen by her innocent eyes as a child, she begins to change in her perspectives of the world. This change is evident in her trust in her parents and her actions to impact her life as she goes through her vibrant process of growing up, from a young child, to early adolescence, and finally begins to become an adult.
The Glass Castle begins with Jeannette as a young child, just growing up. At this stage in her life, she is innocent, carefree, optimistic, and sees her life and everything in it with a positive light. She ses the life ahead of her as, like her father told her, an “adventure.” She was happy to go along with the “skedaddle” and go wherever her father led their family to. She had absolute trust in her parents, thinking they were perfect; that they could do no wrong.…

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