How Much Do You Love Checkers Mate? Essay example

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How much do you love checkers mate? So much that you would put them all over your head? This man clearly has a passion for the checkered style that was in and out quicker than it took to finish the work on his face. I find it hard to believe anyone loves checkers so much that they think they will be deeply in love with them for the rest of their lives. You have to wonder what people are thinking and where the friends are at times like these. If any of my friends are reading this post, please talk some sense into me if I 'm ever making a huge mistake like this one day.


Michael Jackson leaving us could be one of the greatest tragedies of the decade as far as deaths go. I never really took his music seriously while he was alive. It was not bad to listen to but it seemed like more a joke music than it was for real. Then he passed away and i actually learnt how much people loved this man. Even people I never would have thought liked his music ended up being people who loved his l=music and not just to muck around with it on in the background of a party. Like they actually thought this guy was amazing musician. While that 's clearly not me, I can still have a great deal of respect for Michael since I can see how much he touched the world.

Anyway, as for this tattoo, we can only assume it 's not something Michael would love seeing. It looks like a mixture of Peter Pan, Michael Jackson and the lead character from American Dad.


This next tattoo reminds of that movie called…

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