How Mobile Phones Help Business Essay

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Due to the rapid advancement of technology such as pervasive or ubiquitous wireless and internet networks, connective product marking technologies like RFID and emerging standards for the use of these defining specific locations using global location numbers, the basic supply chain is rapidly evolving into what is known as a Supply Chain Network. Since the mobile phone industry is a vast and much spread one it needs to be really competitive among other brands. One single mistake could lead to loose the whole market share
Supply chains and supply networks both describe the flow and movement of materials & information, by linking organisations together to serve the end-customer.
‘Network’ describes a more complex structure, where
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Then the provider is called third-party supply chain management provider
Transportation modes that operate within a Supply Chain Network can include the many different types of trucks, trains for boxcar or intermodal unit movement, container ships or cargo planes.
The many systems which can be utilized to manage and improve a Supply Chain Network include Order Management Systems, ware house management system, Transportation Management Systems, Strategic Logistics Modelling, Inventory Management Systems, Replenishment Systems, Supply Chain Visibility, Optimization Tools and more.
Emerging technologies and standards such as the RFID and the Global Standards are now making it possible to automate these Supply Chain Networks in a real time manner making them more efficient than the simple supply chain of the past.
The rapidity of new product development and old product obsolescence, coupled with the pressure to push technology to market and compete for new users, has made the cell phone industry an evolving model for supply chain best practices.
Some cell phone developers outsource core manufacturing and logistics activities—even research and development (R&D) to an extent—and implement postponement strategies where necessary to better allocate resources and expedite time to market.

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