How Lessons Should Be Implemented Essay

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As I progress into the school year with these students, I feel as though the weight and responsibilities of what it means to be a full time teacher is starting to pick up and progress. Day-by-day, week-by-week, more is expected of me and I begin to have more input about how lessons should be implemented. When I think about the begin of the school year, now (as midterms are approaching), and my last week in the field, I envision a snowball rolling down a hill. At first, there’s not much. It’s small, just like my responsibilities inside of the classroom. However, over time as it picks up momentum, it becomes bigger and bigger expanding in size, and the speed increases. The more time that I spend in Trinidad, my work load has begun to pick up weight. So much so, I’m beginning to find it a bit scary. In all truthfulness, I can’t tell you an exact summary of my responsibilities and times spent teaching. I just know, that my 8-hour work days are compact so much more now than it was before. When I am inside of the class, there is a lot of One teach, One drift begin practiced. In some cases, we find that station and parallel teaching the is necessary. I’m not sure if the reason for this is because of the edTPA meeting at the beginning of the year, or simply because that was the way things unfolded. Whatever the reason may be, it seems to work for my MT and I. According to The Effectiveness of the Co-Teaching Model, Co-teaching is effective because it draws on the strength of…

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