How Leaders And Followers On Social Media Essay

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How to get Genuine Likes and Followers on Social Media
Gathering likes and followers can be a little tricky. This is especially true when trying to keep your following genuine. The old adage quality over quantity is appropriate for this. Many companies use bots to generate followers. This is a common tactic because it is quick. The best way to look at talking to followers is that you are just talking to some friends. What good is having 1,000 followers when 98% are not real people?
Getting and keeping genuine followers and likes is not a quick process. Another way to get more likes and followers is to post your Twitter ID in the about the author page of your blog. This process can take some time to build momentum. This is the reason why it is best to start small and go from there. The easiest way to create content (and at the same time make your life easier) is to do it a head of time. Do not use aggressive sales pitches. If you get to aggressive, you will lose followers (and business).
When getting likes on Facebook you will need short articles (about 150 to 200-words long). These articles should be fun and informative to your intended audience. Photos are also a good way to get likes on a Facebook page. The main reason for this is that they need little action from the viewer. Status posts also help to bring people to your page. This also helps to keep your current friends in the loop on what is going on.
When choosing people to follow, it is a good idea to @reply and…

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