Essay on How Is Working Experience Beneficial to Future Career?

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What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career?

As future career could determine the status and income level of people, it has been concerned and discussed by most graduated students. However, according to the report ‘ Journal of Marketing Education’, the U.S. Labor Department anticipated that there would be only 14million college-level jobs for about 18 million graduates in 2005 (Gualt, 2000) and the graduates should realize that it has been more difficult to find a job in fierce competition. Meanwhile, the former Secretary of Labour Robert Reich suggested that professional skill training and internship experiences are required by 80% of these college-level jobs (Gualt, et al. 2000).
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The result suggested that the internship might have provided better preparation than universities. And the lead author of Careers- in theory blog, David Winter pointed out that graduates should think about developing in-demand skills to the highest level and demonstrate their potential to the employers (White, 2011). There are many skills that they could only learn in practical work. For example, although the intern may have learned many of the basic skills needed to operate a machine, he would feel that the gap between practical operation and theoretical knowledge prevents him from doing well. Therefore, internship could enhance the knowledge learned in universities and make them more relevant. Just like this report has pointed out, ‘internship provide students with a means of bridging the gap between career expectations developed in the classroom and the reality of employment in the real world’ (Gualt, et al. 2000).

Work experience could benefit graduates in finding jobs as well. The report, ‘the graduate market in 2012’, indicated that it was confirmed that a third of this year’s entry-level positions are prepared for those graduates who have had work experience in the recruiters’ organisations and therefore not applied to the other students (Highfliers, 2012). Figure 2 shows the effects of internship participation on extrinsic career success.

Figure 2: effects of internship participation on extrinsic career success Source: taken from (Gault

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