How Is The Recruitment Function Of The Selection Function? Essay

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How is the recruitment function related to the selection function? (Aube, 2016)

Both of these Functions are related, due the fact that both serve a similar role in choosing, and hiring potential employees for an organizational body. In fact, both Functions mention the other in their process structures, as follows:

Recruitment Function Selection Function

Job Analysis Job Description (Both Functions share this same aspect)

Sourcing Personalized Recruitment (Selection Function mentions the Recruitment Function)

Screening / Selection Tools / Methods (Recruitment Function mentions the Selection Function)

Foreign Staffing

(Recruitment, 2016) (Flat World Knowledge, n.d.)

What is the relation between performance appraisal and compensation (the reward system)? (Aube, 2016)

While Remuneration (compensation) is the repayment an individual gets in return for work / services (Remuneration, 2016), Performance Management refers to the measures put in place to make sure goals are effectively and efficiently met. (Performance management, 2016)

Thus, there is indeed a relation between the two. In order to give employees incentive to achieve Performance Management goals, they are provided with Remuneration. Without, the reward system, employees are lees likely to accomplish company goals, as they are not acknowledged for their efforts.

How do all the elements of human resource management fit together? (Aube, 2016)

Let’s say we have an established…

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