Personal Statement: Junipero Serra High School

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I have endeavored to impact people 's lives, either by helping them through a struggle, impacting a community of students, or just simply listening more than talking. With each life experience, we grow more responsible as we are faced with new challenges as an individual, a member of a student body, a community or a nation. We, as leaders, must be willing to take on these trials and support others through their trying times. At Junipero Serra High School, I have become a leader, a caretaker and most of all a friend to anyone who needs one. I have strived to be a thoughtful leader when rowing on the crew team, helping the elderly and am dedicated to leaving my mark on Serra and our local community.
Joining the crew team my freshman year
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The first way is to continue to find ways to be a contributor to the school community . During my Junior year I plan on joining the art, computer science, and creative writing clubs as well as being a writer for the newspaper staff. Sadly, due to an injury, I can no longer row, but am looking for way to support the crew team through data management and other team management roles. I want to be a member of these groups not only to grow my personal knowledge and interests, but to impact the Serra community. I am a simple person, if people need help, I’ll help them. From the years of tutoring that I have received, I know how to guide students through the process, making sure they learn and don’t cheat themselves. Teenage years can be tough, I have had to be resilient in my own life living with a learning difference, which has made me a very empathetic person. Any Padre can ask me for help, no matter who they are, and I’m willing to set up a time to meet or facetime with them in order to help them through their problems academically or mentally. I try to make myself seem like a brother you can talk to , without judgement, and will do anything to help them succeed in any of their endeavors. I want to uphold and honor the brother of the alumni and students of Serra which I’ve felt apart of since my first day of school. By doing this I want to leave a mark on as many people as I can whether they be teachers or students, I want them to remember me as a hardworking individual that they can count on and believe in. I want to continue to raise NHS and Serra’s reputation of being a brotherhood of smart and resilient students ready to help their brothers and their fellow citizens in a time of

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