How I Have Changed My Life Essay

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Who I Am
I have changed a lot so far in high school. No one is still the same person they were in junior high, and definitely not the same person they were in elementary school. Everyone is always changing constantly and that is one of the most beautiful things in life. It is kind of like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar is still the same, but it is just a better version of themselves.
In freshman year, I did not really care about anything. I lost many of my friends from junior high, because they had changed so much over the past summer and I am guessing that I changed a lot too. To be honest, most of my friends from junior high were not even important to me. I did not care that I lost them. How sad is that? Your friends are supposed to mean a lot to you, but mine did not. There was only one friend that I had that I could trust, and her name was Katie. I had never actually met her since we had met online years earlier, but she was the most important person in my life at the time.
I was very suicidal at the time, and so was Katie. That was something we could talk about together and I did not feel like a freak talking to her about it. No one else knew, and still not many people know that I wanted to die in freshman year. Cutting was the way that I relieved my pain, even though now that makes absolutely zero sense to me. How could I ever think hurting myself would make me feel better? It just makes you feel worse, making you think that you are a failure…

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