How I Collect The Data On My Speech Patterns Essay

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Introduction The goal of this paper is to pinpoint a small feature that make a tiny bit of my own idiolect by comparing the feature to other Linguistic study based literature. The topic I have chosen is based on fillers, which includes filler words, filler sounds, or discourse-new markers. Fillers are commonly used by speakers in conversations to notify the listener that the speaker has pause to think before speaking again. Some examples of fillers in English includes sounds like Uh or Um, or words such as Like, but, and so. I have found that my use of fillers in my idiolect is a reflection of how my young adult female speech varies when I’m interacting people with different a gender and/or age. To accomplish my thoughts into this paper I first have to address the background information on the research I’ve discover on this topic, covey my methods of how I collect the data on my speech patterns, analysis my date with my research before concluding my finally thoughts.
For my research, I was trying to discover literature that focused on fillers including sounds and words. For the fillers I was primary looking for any work that focused on sounds such as uh or um as well as the word like since a major I have collected used one of these fillers. I also wanted to find works that try to make connections with how fillers differs between people of different ages and gender. I used these factors because I noticed my speech while using fillers would change based on the…

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