Essay How I Changed My Life

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Author’s note:
This is my final version due on October 12, 2016. I had some issues in writing this merely upon the topic that I chose was so emotional. Other than that, I didn’t have too many problems occurring.
My Dad Throughout my life, I have had many a lot of life changing events happen. I don’t like talking about most things that have happened to me a lot. Although, I know that some things are bound to come up in conversation, so I try my best to discuss it with grace. My parents got divorced and remarried when I was young. I also had to grow up dealing with a lot of issues between my family members. I never thought of my life as simple or easy. I didn 't think my life was the worst, but one day changed how I viewed my life. On March 12th of 2016, my real dad passed away due to a rare cancer.
My dad had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML for short. The cancer was rare and did not have many cases at all. It stemmed from a genetic mutation in his DNA. Although, most people diagnosed with this cancer were much older. Right before my dad 's diagnosis, I was in a bad car wreck. These two events made me question my future. It made me hesitant to make any life altering decisions. At this point, it was the second semester of my senior year. I had yet to pick what college I wanted to attend, or if I wanted to attend at all. Having the wreck happen and then my dad 's diagnosis of cancer, I didn’t know what to do. So I ran. I decided to go to an art school in…

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