How I Changed My Life Essay

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Change is something we experience time and time again. One of the toughest challenges in my life was to lose weight. I was 215 pounds and hated the way I looked and it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I finally decided to make a change. My greatest fear was that I’d be obese my entire life. So, for the first time I decided to take up cross-country my senior year.
Stepping out of my comfort zone always made me a bit nervous and exercising was no exception. On the morning of the first practice I woke up feeling nauseous. I knew that today was the day I would change my life, but I could not help but feel this sinking feeling in my stomach. While on my way to school, I began having second thoughts of doing cross-country. But as time went by, I decided to stick to my resolve of losing weight. After school, I changed into my sports gear, headed down to the track field, and waited timidly for the coach and the team to come. After a couple of minutes, everyone came down to the track and the coach hustled everyone over to introduce himself. He finished his short introduction and we were sent to do a one-mile run.
Starting off, I immediately began thinking of how far a mile was and this gave me that same nauseating feeling I had earlier. This was not a good way to start; after only a quarter of a mile I began struggling and gasping for air. The further I ran, the more my legs began aching and my chest collapsing. Eventually my mind was going into a complete blank. I…

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