How I Changed My Family Essay

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I come from a very close family. We love to do things together and I think that has helped shape who I am today. Whenever I was unsure in making a decision, my family was always there to help me. My parents have very strong moral beliefs that they have instilled in me since the day I was born. Although my family is wonderful, they do not have a strong faith. Growing up, I remember we would be in and out of different churches. I could tell my dad had a desire to take us all to church but I think my mom was slightly more hesitant. I think the reason for this is that both of my parents were raised by Jehovah 's Witnesses. They do not talk about their experiences in that much but I can tell that it has made them slightly hesitant about any sort of faith. I never really had a "church home" growing up because of this. I was never mad at my parents for this because I know they were just struggling with their own faith. They never tried to deny me from having my own faith. Even though my family was not very strong in faith, my parents did put me in a private Christian school. That school is where I really grew in my faith.
During my high school years I began to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. I think that being surrounded by so many believers really helped shape my faith. I had a core group of friends who were all very strong Christians. They helped me stay faithful to my beliefs. Something I really enjoyed during high school was having chapel every Friday. We would…

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