Essay How I Am An Engineer

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Introduction I would describe myself as an engineering enthusiast, and have wanted to create things ever since I can remember. While it’s really hard to pin-point exactly why I’ve always wanted to become an engineer. I love the engineers give a purpose to mathematics and science, and use them to create the tools of our world. I want to experience the intellectual challenges engineers face. Engineers are paid well, and encouraged by everyone to solve the biggest problems of today. This report will help me find in myself what I need to work on to become a one the best engineering students, and therefore a great engineer.
Goal Setting
There’s a lot of things that I would love to achieve during my time at UAA. I’m going to try to attempt a dual major in mathematics and some sort of engineering. I’m still not really sure what branch of engineering I’d like to study, but it’s probably going to be either mechanical or electrical. I have a really strong interest in machines and how they work, but learning about electrical engineering would be fun as well. One of my fondest moments was putting my computer together, and getting that feeling of uneasiness and excitement during that first boot up. As far as what GPA I would like to achieve, I’m not a hundred percent sure. I’m already two years into school so a 4.0 is no longer an option, but I’d be pretty content with a something around 3.7 GPA. When I first started going to college I always had it in the back of my mind that would…

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