Essay on How I Am A Person

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There are so many different ways that I can talk to a person; I have the choice to talk to them with kindness, respect, excitement, bitterness, or even anger through my voice. The way I speak to my teachers, or my boss, will most likely differ from the way I speak to a close friend. That is called language variation. It is very typical around the world, and most of us use different variations with certain people and probably do not even realize it. With that being said, I have learned several lessons in my life, but there is one that I cannot forget that I am very thankful for. It all started when I was a tiny, little blonde-haired, girl, going back and forth across the yard to my grandma’s house. She lived right next door to my family and I, in a little white house, full of things for me to get into. I will never forget riding my Barbie battery operated Jeep, loaded down with all of my baby dolls, through the tall grass pathway that connected our yards. I would go over there every day after I got home from school, or she would come pick me up in carpool. At the time, it felt like that school day was going to drag on forever, but when I would see her car in the carpool line, I was the happiest little girl in the world. She was the coolest person to me, and I wanted to be just like her. I remember throwing fits when it was time to come home and eat supper and get ready for bed. I was the “princess” in my grandma’s house and I loved every minute of it. She had taught me so…

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