How Household Size Affect On Consumer Behaviors Essay

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This report provides an analysis of correlation between household size and item quantity purchased, shopping centre visit frequency, and average money spent. We seek to explain a description of how household size affect on consumer behaviours. In this study we pick consumer behaviour about item quantity purchased, frequency of shopping centre visited, and average money spent. Data is collected from direct interview with visitors of some shopping centre in various areas in Adelaide. Methods of analysis that we used is cross tabulation and Spearman correlation to observe the correlation between variables. Results of data analysed show that there are no relationships between those variables. Furthermore, we found that around 30% of respondents change their mind to buy something when they were hanging out in a shopping centre. While, more than 50% of respondents visit shopping centre at least once in a month. Even though, this report has some limitation as the survey conducted only in several shopping centres in Adelaide and the variable analysed limited to four variables, the findings give in-depth insight for business owners and marketing team to improve their store and attract more buyer to come.

2. Research Objective
Shopping means person’s general approach to acquiring goods or services and to non-purchase satisfaction derived from shopping at retail stores and shopping malls. The outing to supermarket is amongst the most component of buying conduct (Bawa…

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