How Frankenstein's Life Changes

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Frankenstein grew up in a loving Swiss family with an especially close bond to his adopted cousin, Elizabeth, and his friend Henry Clerval. In college at Ingolstadt, the discovered the secret to life and dedicated himself to created a human- like creature for six years but once it came alive, the thing was ugly. Frankenstein was disgusted by it, so he ran away from it. After that victor fell ill for several months. Meanwhile the monster wandered around looking for friends and spent a long time living near a cottage and observing a family who lived there. While the was watching them the learned how to speak, read, and other stuff he also realized that he was different compared to the humans. Then he went to Geneva and met a boy in the woods. …show more content…
When Frankenstein learned that his young brother was murdered, he went back to Geneva. Frankenstein was convinced that the monster that the created was responsible for his murder. Raged with anger, grief, and guilt for creating the monster, victor went into the mountains to find peace. Instead Frankenstein was approached by the monster who demanded that he create a female monster like him. Frankenstein, fearing for his family's life agreed and went to an island to do his work. Although finally When he was almost finished, he changed his mind because he decided the did not want another ugly monster wandering around , so he destroyed the project. The monster then said he was going to get revenge on victor. Before Frankenstein could return home, the monster murdered his best friend

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