Victor's Fate In Frankenstein Essay

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Chaznic Griffin
English 10

Frankenstein Essay

Victor Frankenstein determined his own fate by all of the bad choices he made. One of Victor’s mistakes was creating a monster that he really had no control over. The second mistake victor made was abandoning the monster because of fright without know what the monsters intentions were. Another critical mistake Victor made was not creating the monster a companion which then resulted in the terrible events which occurred throughout the story.
The most critical mistake that determined Victor’s fate was the creating of the monster. The thought of evening creating a human being frighten you but Victor decided to do it anyway. Also Victor never thought about what this monster might
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Only if Victor would had not ran out on the monster so soon he would have known the monster was trying be friendly to him and that he had no intentions of hurting Victor in any kind of way. That one gesture is half of why the madness of the monster was taking out upon Victor’s entire family. The hate that the monster had built up towards Victor was took out on Victors family because the monster wanted to do something to hurt Victor just like Victor hurt him by leaving him alone in a new world that he knew nothing about. The monster also had to learn a lot of new things without any of the help form Frankenstein but he seem to figure out many new things on his by watching others sneaking and watching other who also were terrified on …show more content…
His fate was determined by all of the mistakes he made and his lack of thinking before doing things that could be totally life changing. Those series of mistakes eventually led to the least desired which were the death of his love ones and eventually the death of Victor Frankenstein himself. If he could have changed the first choice he made by creating the monster his life would have been changed drastically and his life might’ve been different. Also he could have avoided all of the pain and suffering by just agreeing to create the monster a companion this way the monster would no longer be lonely and have someone that he could be with that could lead him away from Victor Frankenstein. A few bad decisions really hurt Victor’s fate and they were choices he made that were not forced upon by anyone but himself. I also think that Victor could have made it up to the monster by just taking him back in teaching him things letting him know that he didn’t mean to abandon him. That is also another thing that could have prevented this whole situation from escalading to something bigger and worst. There are many other ways Victor could have avoided the trials he went through but he determined his own fate by not doing anything to make his situation and circumstance. His fate only had two ways to go the good way was staying with the monster and working things out and the

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