Frankenstein: Frankenstein Reaction To Society's Journey To Frankenstein

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Register to read the introduction… Despite having society abandon him, the creature helps the De Lacey's through poverty. “[The creature] had been accustomed... to steal a part of [the De Lacey's] store for [his] consumption, but when [he] found that in doing this [the creature] inflicted pain on the cottagers, [he] abstained and satisfied [himself] with berries, nuts, and roots... [he] gathered from the neighboring wood” (Shelley 109). Although the creature has been abused by society, he finds in himself to help others. Even though the creature knows what the De Lacey's reaction at his appearance would most likely be. During his journey towards Geneva, the creature saves a young girl despite being consumed with revenge against Victor. “A young girl came running... laughing... when suddenly her foot slipped, and she fell into the rapid stream. [The creature] rushed from [his] hiding spot and with extreme labour... saved her and dragged her to shore” (Shelley 142). Throughout his journey to Geneva,, all the creature could focus on is getting answers from Victor. But when he sees the girl fall into the stream, the creature rescues the girl without any hesitation. The creature could have shrugged his shoulders and walked away without a care in the world, leaving the girl to drown. Saving the girl put a momentary halt on his journey but the creature does not think about that. He is more concerned about the girls safety rather than his journey. With the creature showing characteristics of a true monster, he still can not help but help others at their time of …show more content…
While the creature is overlooking Victor's progress with making the companion, his creator destroys the companion igniting powerful emotions from the creature that he cannot control. “The wretch saw [Victor] destroy the creature on whose future existence he depended for happiness, and with a howl of devilish despair and revenge, withdrew... [Victor] saw [the creature] in his boat... [Victor is] to give an account of the death of a gentleman who was found murdered” (Shelley 171-179). Before Victor destroyed the companion, all of the creatures attention was on the possibility of having someone just like the creature at his side. The creature is so full of hope and love for the companion already. Because of Victors actions, the creature is not able to control his rage. Something Victor or anybody has not taught him to do. After Victors decision to hunt down his creation in revenge, resulting in Victors death, the creature returns and shows his true colors. “[The creature] hung over the coffin... he... utter exclamations of grief and horror... After the murder of Clerval... [the creature] abhorred [himself]... [The creature] shall collect [his] funeral pile and consume with ashes... [He] shall die” (Shelley 228-232). When a monster succeeds on their quests typically a monster would gloat and boast, proud despite all the evil things they have done. When he goes to Victor's coffin, the creature does the opposite of what a evil being would do. He grieves over Victor despite all the horrible things the creature has done to Victor. The creature even feels guilt over the innocent people he has killed and the torment he put his creator through. Despite Victor's actions leading the creature to commit evil deeds, the creature finds in himself to feel regret in the

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